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Virginia Region Pony Clubs

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Dual Memberships

Nationals addresses Dual Membership in USPC Policy #1003P. Noteworthy there is the statement:

 “There may be circumstances that make membership in more than one Registered Club and/or Riding Center Program of the USPC necessary. These circumstances may include, but are not limited to, school residency, multiple family residencies and vacation homes. (emphasis added)”.

Thus Leadership should not take such requests lightly; especially between neighboring clubs. For neighboring clubs in close proximity, dual membership does not always make sense and can cause club and regional administrative confusion, as well as dilute the parent volunteer pool and commitment to the dual club. This can be detrimental to club cohesiveness in clubs.

Plus Leadership needs to note that when a person is a member of USPC, that member is welcome to attend Pony Club functions at neighboring clubs and regions without the administrative confusion that can happen in dual membership.They are already covered by Pony Club Insurance and should simply ask to join the clinic or activity in which they are interested. Nationals encourages Clubs/Centers to welcome ‘outside members’ to their activities when possible.  

There are 2 types of ‘dual membership’ within USPC. One is Intra-Regional and the other is Inter-Regional.

Intra-Regional Membership

Intra-Regional Membership is membership with clubs or centers within the same Region. In these cases, the dual member must name their Primary Club/Center with whom they test and rally. They must have permission from the primary DC to test and rally with the other club and of course subsequent permission from the other DC/CA. The DCs/CAs of these 2 entities must agree to the dual membership and then send notification to the RS.  In such cases, the member will pay only 1 Region membership fee and membership fees according to whatever the policies of the particular Clubs or Centers involved.

Inter-Regional Membership

Inter-Regional Membership is membership within clubs or centers from 2 different Regions.  In this case, the respective RSs as well as the DCs/CAs must agree to the dual membership and the member will pay membership dues to each Region if that is the Region’s policy. VRPC policy is that Inter-Regional members must pay annual dues. The DCs/CAs of the respective clubs/centers must also agree to the dual membership and the member will pay club/center dues according to their respective policies. Lastly, the dual member must choose a primary club/center and rally/test with that club/center.

If a Virginia Region Club or Center has a question about Dual Memberships,
their DC/CA is encouraged to reach out to the Virginia Region RS.

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