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Virginia Region Pony Clubs

Sportsmanship ~ Leadership ~ Stewardship through Horsemanship

Rally Awards


The Virginia Region offers a Perpetual Cup for the first place team at Dressage Rally. The beautiful silver trophy is kept and shared by the winning team's members for the year, and then re-awarded at the next year's Qualifying Dressage Rally.

2021 ODHPC Square Halt: Caroline K, Colby P, Ella M, Grace T, Sam H

2019 ODHPC Spartans: Ellie S, Colby P, Ashby H, Belle C, CJ F
2018 ODHPC Spartans: Ainsley C, Sophie B, Ellie S, Sam H, Colby P
2017 ODHPC Dreamers: Brighton C, Kenna C, Ainsley C, Sam H, Hayley D
2016 ODHPC Defenders: Kyla K, Casey P, Ellie S, Caroline S, Emma K
2015 CWPC/MBFPCRC Scramble Team: Saoirse M, Savannah, Georgia, Lindsay D
2014 MBFPCRC Red Team: Sydney M, Bailey M, Maya K, Ryann K, Lindsay D
2013 LHPC Fantastic Five: Haley C, Lindsay W, Alexandra G, Marcella W, Amanda G
2012 LHPC Haley's Comets: Haley C, Cassandra G, Mikayla H, Melanie R, Lindsay W
2011 MOCPC Rockin Ponies: Katelyn M, Sophie H, Beto B, Hannah A
2010 DRPC Connect 4: Sara M, Shannon B, Christina H, Erin M, Chandler R
2009 DRPC: L Fairbanks, Erica J, Connor H, Sydney Q
2008 DRPC Lights, Camera, Action: Erica J, Alison S, Amy G, Chandler R, Mikayla T
2007 DRHPC Centerlines: Gracie S, Bennett C, Haley T, Jackie C, Nellie D
2006 North Mountain PC: Keri M, Jennifer E, Rachel R, Isabella E, Ashley L
2005 LHPC Team #2: Stephanie S, Hailey H, Megan E, Laura C, Francesca L
2004 DRHPC Centerlines: Amber K, Gracie S, Eme E, Nellie D


The Virginia Region offers two new perpetual trophies at our Regional Eventing Rally, the Diamond Legacy Award and the Andi Merritt Arabak Award.

The Diamond Legacy Award, a silver tray, was donated in 2014 by Melissa Fox, Graduate “A” (LHPC) to honor her horse’s involvement in Pony Club. Diamond Legacy (aka Gus) participated with Melissa in numerous Pony Club activities, rallies and USPC Championships. He also contributed to the success of several regional members in attaining their national certifications. It is awarded to the Pony Club member whose horse has been determined to be the best conditioned at the training level at the Regional Eventing Rally. The following criteria are used for the determination: best recovery rate as determined by the rally veterinarian after cross-country; complete all three phases without elimination and no cross-country jump penalties.

2021 Amira C and Annie (CWPC)

2019 Hannah H (DRPC)

2018 Madeleine W and Belle Grey's Galliano (MOCPC)
2017 Julia L 
2016 Emma K and Will Ya Love Me (ODHPC)
2015 Ariana F and Image

2014 Haley C and True Grace (LHPC)

Andrea Merritt Arabak Spirit Award was donated in 2014 by Misty Brae Farm Pony Club, in memory of Andi Merritt Arabak, to be given for outstanding performance by a stable manager. Andi’s dedication and passion for life, the barn, the members and Pony Club was unwavering no matter how she was feeling and no matter what challenges she was facing. She always had a smile and a laugh. She was a fixture at Misty Brae for eight years helping riders and parents, especially taking new riders and parents under her wing providing guidance, tips, and advice. The Award will be given to the stable manager whose performance goes beyond the duties listed in the stable manager job description. It is for the stable manager that guides or teaches her team, leads with a positive attitude, offers assistance to riders with kindness and with an encouraging manner. The winner will be selected by the Horse Management staff at the Eventing Rally.

2022 Cate O (RBPC)

2021 Josie F (RBPC)

2019 Abby M (DRHPC)

2018 Blake V (DRHPC)
2017 Ellie S (ODHPC)
2016 Viktorija P (LHPC)
2015 Sam C (ODHPC)
2014 Lindsay D (MBFPCRC)

Show Jumping

The Virginia Region offers two perpetual trophies at our regional Show Jumping Rally, the Dancing Weather Perpetual Trophy and the Aspen Award. Each award is represented by a beautiful silver plated bowl, engraved with the names of the award winners.

The Dancing Weather Perpetual Trophy was donated by Gordon Reistrup, Graduate “A” (RBPC) and his sister, Catherine, Graduate “A” (RBPC), in memory of their horse, Dancing Weather. It is awarded to the Pony Club member that demonstrates outstanding equitation skills (position, control and guidance) over all show jumping rounds, and horsemanship at the Virginia Region Show Jumping Rally. This trophy was first presented in 1991 in memory of Dancing Weather, who was well known throughout the 1980's when he anchored numerous Pony Club regional and national teams in Dressage, Combined Training, and Show Jumping.

2022 Rhiana  (MBFRC)

2021 Caitlin S. (RBPC)

2018 Madeleine W (MOCPC)

2017 Marcella W (LHPC)
2016 Madeline M (MBRPCRC)
2015 Sarah (Glenmore Hunt PC Old Dominion Region)
2014 Madlen L (DRHPC)
2013 Katelyn M (MOCPC)
2012 Sara V (LHPC)
2011 Cameron R (DRPC)
2010 Brittanie H (DRPC)
2009 Lindsay F (DRPC)
2008 Bennett C (DRHPC)
2006 Taylor S (MOCPC)
2005 Taylor S (MOCPC)
2003 Carley L (MOCPC)

The region is currently trying to locate the retired trophies and recipients back to 1991.

The Aspen Award was created in 2002, in honor of the partnership of Ginny-Len Hazel, H-A (MOCPC) and her horse, Aspen. This pairing exemplified the goals and training of the Pony Club programs. Ginny-Len and Aspen worked as a team in numerous regional rallies and national competitions. Ginny-Len set an example of good sportsmanship and fine horsemanship, always making sure that care of her horse came first, while winning numerous riding and horse management awards during her long and illustrious Pony Club career. The trophy was not awarded in 2009, 2010, or 2011, for reasons unknown. The region is currently trying to locate the retired trophies and recipients back to 2002. If you have any information about this award, please contact the Regional Supervisor.

2018 Madeleine W (MOCPC)
2017 Kat Z (DRHPC)
2015 Lindsay D (MBFPCRC)
2014 Renata P (LHPC)
2013 Emily S (DRHPC)
2012 Hannah A (MOCPC)
2008 Melissa F  (LHPC)
2006 Amy G (DRPC)
2005 Meagan H (DRPC)
2003 Alex H (MOCPC)


The Laimbeer Trophy, an engraved trophy plate, is awarded to the highest overall score in the Virginia Region in a qualifying division.

2013 Ashley K (MBFPCRC)
2012 Ashley K (MBFPCRC)
2011 Madeline M (MOCPC)
2010 Madeline M (MOCPC)
2009 Reed D (ODHPC)
2004 Caitlin G (DVPC)
2003 Reed D (ODHPC)
2002 Whitney W (MOCPC)
2001 Lowell H (ODHPC)

The plate was not awarded from 2005-2008.

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