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Virginia Region Pony Clubs

Sportsmanship ~ Leadership ~ Stewardship through Horsemanship

The Annual HM Seminar

One of the jobs of the HMO is to put on an annual HM Seminar. The purposes are many!

      • Offer fun educational sessions for the members and parents to see/learn from.
      • Offer an opportunity for members/parents/anyone to present a topic. This is a great low-key way to get in some teaching practice.
      • Provide HMJ training/refresher for rallies.
      • Ingest some snacks :) For the finicky eaters amongst us (you KNOW who you are), this will be a no pretzel zone! 

"What is an HM Seminar?"

An HM Seminar is a kind of a regional ground school. Presenters set up stations. Some stations will be in stalls, some will be with horses, and some will be set up on a table. The attendees (this is members AND parents) are divided into groups of 6 or 8, and each group goes to a station. After something on the order of 20 or 30 minutes, the groups rotate to another station. Lather, rinse, repeat. 

While that is going on, there will be an HMJ training/refresh session. If you think you might be interested in being an HMJ this will get your feet wet and raise your comfort level. Or if you just want to see a little "behind the scenes" to help you understand what HM at rally is all about, this would be a fine opportunity for that also.

If there are any parents or upper level members that would like to present a topic, have them contact the HMO. There are a million (at least) topics to choose from. The topic does not have to be related to rally. In fact, we prefer at least a mix, with the emphasis on "non-rally" topics. "HM is anything about horses that does not involve sitting on their back", so the possibilities are endless. Tack cleaning. Colors. Conformation. Parts. The digestive system. Poisonous plants. Different types of tack, why it is used.  Years ago, "The Genetics of Color" was a fascinating topic. If someone is experienced at showing in hand, jogging is a topic we can always use. If someone wants to bring their Annual Meeting project, that would be excellent! Etc, etc, etc. So, any topic, from "easy" to "advanced". It is all good!

It might be a good idea to encourage members to "buddy up" to present a topic. This allows them to have fun together preparing the topic, and might be less stressful to have a buddy to present it with. It also allows them to spell each other so they can go see other topics that are being presented.

"Can only current members present?"

NO!!!!  Current members are encouraged to present a topic. This can give good practice teaching. But moms, dads, DCs, vets, farriers, or anyone can present a topic! An RS has presented! (But no pressure Maggie! ) Thanks Carol! Among other topics, Carol has presented an AWESOME equine digestive tract made with all sorts of things! So, it you are a parent, friend, whatever, sign on up to present a topic! If you have any questions about picking a topic, give the HMO a holler. The topics can range over everything... We get some that are "Equine Rocket Science", but stall picking tips, tack cleaning tips, parts of the horse (I remember Kristin Noggle applying dozens of pink sticky notes to a very patient pony :) are all WONDERFUL topics. If you are afraid that your topic will not fill the 20/30 minute slot, we can pair you up with another shorter topic. The HM Seminar is really a low key, fun thing.

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