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Virginia Region Pony Clubs

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Information About Certificates

D Certificates (D-1, D-2, D-3) are an introduction to the fun and challenge of riding, establishing safety habits and knowledge of the daily care of a pony and tack. The D member learns to ride independently, with control, maintaining a secure position at the walk, trot and canter and over low fences. All D certificates are awarded at the club level.

C Certificates (C-1, C-2) are members learning to become an active horseman, to care independently for a mount and tack and to understand the reasons for what he or she is doing. The C shows development towards a secure, independent seat, and increasing control and confidence in all phases of riding. The C-1 and C-2 certificates are awarded at the club level.

H-B Certification covers Horse Management knowledge that demonstrates increasing knowledge and competence in the care and handling of horses. 

C-3 Certification reflects a basis of competence in riding and horses care that will make possible a lifetime of pleasure with horses.

B Certification is for the active horseman and Pony Club member who is interested in acquiring further knowledge and proficiency in riding. The B is able to ride experienced mounts with confidence and control. The B should be able to ride and care for another person's experienced mount, maintaining proper mental and physical condition without undoing any of the mount's education. The B understands and is able to explain the reasons for what he or she is doing and to contribute to the education of younger Pony Club members. 

H/H-A Certification covers horse management, teaching and training. The H/H-A has the knowledge, experience and maturity to evaluate and care for a mount's needs efficiently and in a variety of circumstances, and to teach riding and horse care to others.

A Certification is the highest level. The A is able to ride mounts at various levels of schooling with judgment, tact and effectiveness; to train young mounts; and to retrain spoiled mounts.

Eventing Certificates - The "eventing" certificate is when a member has met the Standard in all three sections of a level - Horse Management, Riding on the Flat, and Over Fences at the D-1 though A riding levels.

Alternative Certificate Progression - This option allows a member to test the sections of a test (D-2 - A) individually, and progress through the different sections at a pace that suits them best. The Horse Management section of any level MUST be passed first, then the member can progress on to the Riding on the Flat section, or on to the Horse Management section of the next higher level. Once the Riding on the Flat section of a level is passed, the member may choose to try for their Over Fences at that level, or proceed on to the Horse Management section of the next level (or if that had already been passed, they may do the Riding on the Flat section of the next level). So a member could be a C-1 in Horse Management, a D-3 in Riding on the Flat and a D-2 Over Fences.

Speciality Certifications - Members may choose to "specialize" in Dressage, Show Jumping or Hunt Seat Equitation. Members may choose to continue on with the traditional track, and/or with a Show Jumping, Dressage or Hunt Seat Equitation specialty certification. The Standards for Dressage, Show Jumping and Hunt Seat Equitation have been tailored for specific rider development in those disciplines.

Local Level Testing Materials: D-1 through C-2

National Level Testing Materials: H-B through A

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