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 March/April 2016



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VRPC Calendar

March 2016
March 13
RBPC Combined Test
Frying Pan Park, Herndon, VA

March 19
H-B/H-A Unmounted Prep
Purcellville, VA

March 20
Open Polocrosse Practice
Great Meadow, The Plains, VA

March 26
Games & Polocrosse Fun Day
Great Meadow, The Plains, VA

April 2016
April 2-3
Morven Park HT
Leesburg, VA

April 2
Open Games Practice
Great Meadow, The Plains, VA

April 7
H-B/H-A Unmounted Prep
Purcellville, VA

April 16  
Manakin Sabot, VA

April 17
C-3/B/A Riding Clinic
Bakersfield Farm, Boyce, VA

April 17
H-B/H-A Unmounted Prep
Bakersfield Farm, Boyce, VA

April 21 
H-B/H-A Unmounted Prep
Purcellville, VA

April 30 - May 1
Leesburg, VA

May 2016
May 5 
H-B/H-A Unmounted Prep
Purcellville, VA

May 7 - 8
Dressage Rally
Manakin Sabot, VA

May 15
C3/B/A Riding Clinic
Location: TBD

May 15
 H-B/H-A Unmounted Prep
Location: TBD

May 19
 H-B/H-A Unmounted Prep
Purcellville, VA  

May 21
Mock H-B
Location: TBD

May 23 
Polocrosse Rally
Great Meadow, The Plains, VA

Important Reminder
We'd love to include your Club activities in our VRPC Calendar. Send information to Cindy Shelberg at

Greetings from the RS

Greetings Virginia Region Pony Clubs. 

Rally season is here! Dressage invitations have been sent out and soon to follow will be Polocrosse, Show Jumping and Eventing.  We look forward to a fun, safe and successful rally season for all of our riders & ponies.

If you plan on attending Champs East this year, please check out the article which details housing opportunities at Tryon International Equestrian Center. Housing will be a bit different from previous championship years in Lexington, VA.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.  Rally on!


C-3/B/A Riding Clinics Scheduled

VRPC will once again produce a series of unmounted and riding clinics for our members. Check out the schedule and sign up today! It is an extensive schedule which will prepare upper level candidates well for the next certification.  Go to our calendar and select the event(s) you wish to attend.  The H-B/H-A may be purchased in a group or as single sessions.  The C-3/B/A Riding Clinics are purchased separately.  

2016 Riding Clinics (link to flyer)

April 17 - Mounted Clinic: Are you ready?
Location:  Bakersfield Farm, 902 Old Winchester Road, Boyce, VA
What is my path to succeed at the national certification? This mounted clinic will answer that question by providing formal assessments that shows where each rider needs to focus for success. Parents are encouraged to attend this clinic as well as test candidates.C

Clinicians:  Karen Nutt, Cathy Frederickson, Mary Schwentker

May 15 - Mounted Clinic   
Elements will include:  
Flatwork focus on position and effective use of aids.  
Grid work with focus on position.  
Working lunch: Understanding Use of Grid and Jumping Distances.  
Afternoon workshop: Bandaging & Longeing

Clinicians: Christina Keim, Alita(Bunny) Hendricks

June 22 ­ - Mounted Clinic    
Elements will include:  
Flatwork focus on warm up and test riding.  
Course work over fences.  
Working lunch ­ understanding lateral work.  
Afternoon workshop: Bandaging & Longeing

Clinician:  Melissa Martell

July 6 ­ - Mounted Clinic
Elements will include:
Flatwork focus warm up, discussion and switch rides.
Jumping warm up, discussion, switch rides.
Working Lunch understanding course design and distances.
Afternoon Workshop: Longeing & Bandaging

Clinicians:  Jane Kelly, RichardLamb

July 20 - Are You Really? Mock Test 
We will try to run as close to an actually test as possible with some coaching. 
Elements will include: 
Turn out 
Flat work ­ warm up, test and switch rides 
Jumping ­ grid, course, switch rides and xc

Clinicians:  Deb Wilson and Susan Harris

Reminders from Membership
By Aldona Petraitis

Membership Renewals 

Rally season is here and we want to ensure all members are able to participate!  If you need to renew your VRPC membership, have questions about your account or have questions about your status, please contact Aldona Petraitis.

As a reminder, there are three groups you must join - United States Pony Clubs (USPC), the Virginia Region (VRPC) and your club - to participate in Pony Club events, rallies or clinics.  If you have not renewed your membership, your account may be inactive. Please contact Aldona to reactivate your account. All DC's have received a copy of membership rosters and the emails associated with the accounts. If you have forgotten you log in, you may also contact your DC.

Members, please check that your rating level is correct. If there is a discrepancy, we will check with USPC and your DC to confirm the correct rating.

Note to clubs: DC's or the Membership Coordinators create new accounts only for New Members.   

Dressage Rally 2016

Yes the VRPC Qualifying Dressage Rally is only a month away. But there is still time —time to enter, time to get those musical rides underway and your Saturday night skit going.  YES, plan on dinner and entertainment Saturday night at Deep Run!

You know all the reasons to come to the rally.  There is a dressage test for every rider and pony, regardless of level or ability. Seriously, every rider and pony can find the dressage test to challenge them.  And dressage is needed in every discipline.  Want to have a great XC ride? Know dressage and get it done. Wonder how show jumpers make the turns and keep the balance? Learn it on the flat with dressage.  And Gamers???Bending, starting, stopping on a dime—it is all dressage.  So start this spring really working on the basics and come have a great time at Dressage Rally to boot.

At the last Regional meeting Anne Williams, Secretary and DC of BRHPC, was waxing historical about her fun going to rallies at Deep Run.  Destination rallies are always great; spending time in hotels with friends, hanging out at the rally dodging HM points and swimming in the Deep Run pool. So early May will be too cool for a pool party but we are organizing a dinner Saturday night (nothing fancy but break even costs) for all and hope every club will attend and put on a skit. Yes, thinking about all those great skits you see on these days.  You know the great one that the Harvard Baseball team did to “Call Me Maybe” in 2012.  Or the Cornell Vet School students did a year or so back—there are tons of ideas out there; and I just see what the “Today”Show puts on occasionally.  Think of it as a musical ride without your pony.  It will be a lot of fun.  The dinner menu will be sent out shortly; expect the cost to be about $12 per person. 

Let’s get excited—riding, singing, dancing and acting!

Championships East 2016 - Accommodations
By Carrie Camp

Greetings VRPC!

As I am sure everyone knows by now, Championships East this year will be in Tryon North Carolina at the wonderful, beautiful and extraordinary Tryon International Equestrian Center, “TIEC”.  It is going to be exciting!  Tryon is about as far south and west as one can be in North Carolina –right in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the borderlands of North and South Carolina.  Champs East is from Wednesday, July 27 thru Sunday July 31.  USPC is working to have ponies move in on Tuesday but at the moment move in is Wednesday.  If you would like to travel on Tuesday and need a place for your pony consider F.E.N.C.E. –Foothills Equestrian and Nature Center in Tryon, NC.  They have about 200+ stalls at their facility just minutes away from TIEC.  It is a good quality show facility with Camper hook-ups too.  They are most interested in helping with stall needs before Champs. 

Historically the Virginia Region has reserved a block of hotel rooms, usually 40, and to date we have always used them all. However the hotel offerings in the area are scare to say the least and we simply cannot find the rooms with in a reasonable distance.   So you will be on your own to find lodging for champs but we have some ideas and contacts for you.  For those of you with Campers/RVs, TIEC has a super RV/Camper Park with a supporting bathhouse and laundry facilities.  Contact TIEC directly to reserve a spot.

My daughter Bennett goes to Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC about 30 minutes from TIEC.  Jeanne Smith is coach of the Wofford College IHSA Team and runs a training and boarding business in Landrum, SC –she is a quality person.  Her partner is Chuck Stark.  Bennett has met Chuck on a number of occasions.  He is a horseman, Show Hunter Judge, has a real estate business/license and grew up in upstate New York as a member of Millbrook Pony Club. Bottom line, I do not know Chuck personally, but for all these reasons I think he is good person with whom to do business.  In addition to rental houses, Chuck also rents RVs/Campers and will have it delivered to your Camping space at TIEC hooked up with AC running for your arrival.  I have told him that many members may not “qualify” for Champs until mid-June.  He understands Pony Club and what we need.  Below is a description of some of the properties he has organized for us.  So please consider contacting Chuck to find housing and let him know you are from VRPC. Chuck Stark: Phone - (843) 568-3974 cell, Email, Web  And PLEASE read the details re cancellations and deposits.  Know your obligations in renting the properties.  Please consider talking with Chuck about ‘Cancellation Insurance’ too.

 Information from Chuck is below.  He also has pictures of all the properties but too many for them all to get through my country internet connections—so again contact him directly for more information.  

From Chuck Stark:

Please see the information below regarding available rentals for your group while you are at the Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) for Champs.  I have tried to pull together a list of properties to accommodate your specific requirements as follows:

  • The ability to keep several members of the group either on the same property or within the same areas
  • Everything within 35 mins or less to the Equestrian Center
  • A maximum stay of 4 days or less
  • Stalls/Room for horses and trailers (if possible)
  • Reasonable cancellation policies and of course,
  • Nice, clean, safe accommodation’s in family friendly atmospheres.

Because we are a little bit “out in the country” around here with a distinct shortage of hotel rooms, accommodation’s tend to be somewhat unique.  However, we make up for it with some of the friendliest people on earth, gorgeous mountain vistas and cool July temperatures and the world class facilities that you will find once you arrive at the Equestrian center.  For those who may not want to rent lodging, CS Realty also offers camper rentals ranging from smaller pull behinds to the huge 5th wheel types that can be setup ready to go on site at either at Bed & Barn Farm or at TIEC.  Please call for specific details if interested in this option.

Bed & Barn Farms - Contact Tammy Martell ph. 828-248-4463 email  web site

Located less than 15 minutes from TIEC.  Lodging for up to 8 people, 4 stalls, dressage arena and access to trails.  Plenty of parking for trailers as well as hookups for 3 campers.  Please call Tammy directly and tell her you are coming from Virginia with the Pony Club to book.

Chateau du Cheval (or if you don’t speak French, the Horse Resort at Spiegel Farms) – is a 62 acre property about a 20 minute drive to TIEC that used to operate as a an Equestrian themed wedding venue that takes my breath away every time I drive onto the property!  See attached photos to get a quick feel.  Total sleeping accommodations for 14 people and could stretch to possibly 18 or so if you wanted to bring some air mattresses.  There are 2 beautiful cabins that sit apart from the main barn in peaceful secluded settings.  Cabin #1 (sleeps 3-4) rents for $165/night.  It is brand new – just opened to guests this spring.  Cabin #2 (sleeps 4-5) rents for $185/night.  It is the larger of the 2 and sits overlooking a private pond with outstanding views from the big front porch.  The master is down with bedroom 2 upstairs, there is also an office area, laundry and a European style kitchen.  There are 2 apartments above the main barn that can sleep a total of 5-7.  The Main Barn Suite ($125/night) has 2 bedrooms, a sitting room/office and a full bath.  The second apartment includes 2 rooms that share a bath that rent for $85 and $65/night respectively.  There are kitchen facilities as well as laundry facilities.  Of course everything has internet as well.  Finally, the lower barn apartment ($125/night) sleeps 2 with a day bed and a roll-out trundle.  It has a private bath, and a small kitchen.  There is also a full range of accommodation’s for horses including 2 dressage arenas with mirrors (one of which is covered), a derby style outside course and access to miles of trails.  Should you need meeting facilities for your group you can also rent either the viewing area/lounge ($50/day) that will hold 6-8 people or the main ball room ($100/day) that can seat up to 40.

Finally, I have 12 vacation houses at Lake Lure (about 35 minutes to TIEC that are currently available for your dates that only require a 2-4 night stay.  These range in price from $110-$350/night with nine of them at $175/night or less.  Sleeping accommodation’s range from 5-10 people.  Some of the higher priced ones are lakefront and include access to kayaks, etc.  

I also organize rental and delivery of RVs/Campers delivered to TIEC RV park.

I know that this is a lot of information to sort through at once.  Please don’t hesitate to give me a call with any questions.  I look forward to helping you and your group out.

Thanks - Chuck

Upper Level Ratings Dates Confirmed

Upper Level Rating in our region have been confirmed. If you wish to test for either the H-B, C-3 or B exams this summer, please mark your calendars and complete your registration for these test dates soon!!!

  H-B Exam     July 15-17      Jarvandi Farm, Haymarket, VA
  C-3/B Exam  August 5-7     Glenwood Park, Middleburg, VA

 To register for these exams, please go to the USPC National Testing website.
Note:  All application materials (paperwork & fee) for national testings are due 12 weeks prior to a test date.

HM Corner - Loving and Living Horse Management
by Vicki Fox

I am so excited to be the new HMO for the region and I understand these are tremendous shoes to fill following Brian Smith.  Brian has forgotten more about HM than I will ever know.  I am thrilled that Brian will be there to mentor me and provide Columbo moments.   I would like to give you a few of my thoughts on horse management. 

First let me tell you that I LOVE HORSE MANAGEMENT.  It is the one aspect of Pony Club that makes us unique.  Horse management is the foundation of all we do in Pony Club.  Because it goes way beyond judging at rallies, horse management should be included in your daily routine to make your life with your horse or pony better.  For example, wouldn't it be great if your tack room at your barn looked like your tack room at rallies.  Everything would be organized, clean and at your fingertips.  Hopefully it already does!!  Is your record book up to date in case an emergency arises and you have to leave the care of your pony to someone else while you are gone? 

There is a real life daily practice reason behind every line in the Horse Management Handbook.  Horse management should be educational but it should also be fun!  Like all education though, we need to test the knowledge and we do that through certifications and rallies.  The assistant horse management judges should be teaching instead of just judging.  Knowing the horse management rules will better prepare you for your competitions whether in Pony Club or other events.  

I attend many horse trials each year and you can tell the Pony Club members or graduate Pony Club members from the other competitors because of their horse management practices.  I encourage new Pony Club members and their parents to read the USPC Horse Management Handbook - Part 1 Rules for Rallies.  I've heard members and parents complain about horse management and how they'd like for Pony Club to do away with it.  But let's face it, without horse management we are just another riding club.  

As the new HMO I'll be jumping in the deep end with little more than floaties and hope not to drown.  DCs and CAs please let me know how I can help or arrange help during your unmounted lessons leading up to Quiz. This is a great time to get that horse management foundation to help you succeed or exceed the rest of the year.  Have a great 2016 Pony Club year!!

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