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 January/February 2016



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VRPC Calendar
January 2016
Jan 10, 17, 31
BRHPC Winter Gymnastics Series
Dry Run Farm, Middletown, VA

February 2016
Feb 4-7
USPC Annual Meeting
Orlando, FL

Feb 13
VRPC Regional Council Meeting
Warrenton, VA

Feb 20
Horseless Rally 
Serene Acres Riding Center, Bluemont, VA

Feb 27
Quiz Rally
The Falls Church, Falls Church, VA

Feb 28
Upper Level Testing Demystifi
John Barton Payne Hall
Warrenton, VA

March 2016
Mar 13
RBPC Combined Test
Frying Pan Park, Herndon, VA

April 2016
Apr 2-3 Morven Park HT
Leesburg, VA

Apr 16  DRHPC HT
Manakin Sabot, VA

Apr 30 - May 1 LHPC HT
Leesburg, VA

May 2016
May 7 - 8 Dressage Rally
Manakin Sabot, VA

May 23 Polocrosse Rally
Great Meadow, The Plains, VA

Important Reminder
We'd love to include your Club activities in our VRPC Calendar. Send information to Cindy Shelberg at

Greetings from the RS

Greetings Virginia Region Pony Clubs. 

I am excited for this year.  And so very happy that more than a century after the advent of the automobile that people still choose to learn horsemanship.  

I think we have a great team in place.  Many thanks to Brian Smith for his service over the years and to Vicki Golden, Erin White and Kris Gerald for their excellent work for the region.  And especially many thanks to Carolyn Lorenzen for the 3 great years as RS and who has now sidestepped to Treasurer. 

I am sure you have checked the calendar and noticed a few changes.  Yes, we have moved Dressage Rally up to be our mounted season opener.  Everyone, no matter your level, can find challenge in dressage from walk-trot to "A" riders. Everyone’s pony can do dressage.  The winter can be long and hard and still you can be ready for Dressage Rally.  And finally we were able to move it from Memorial Day weekend.  So we are hoping for a great turn out this year. It will be at Deep Run Hunt Club which means an away rally for all but one of our clubs.  And overnight away rallies are always a lot of fun. 

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.  I am looking forward to this year.


Upper Level Testing Demystified & Prep Clinics Scheduled

VRPC will kick off its upper level prep series on Sunday, February 28th from 6 - 8 pm at the John Barton Payne Community Hall in Old Town Warrenton.  "Upper Level Testing Demystified" has been designed to address a variety of questions from our members who are hoping to take one of the national exams in 2016. Dinner will be provided for all who attend. 

Who should attend? ALL possible candidates, parents, instructors and upper level grads who may be interested in coming back into regional activities.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear from national examiners and graduate A’s on the testing in's and out's, preparation tips and general guidance on how to successfully complete your next national exam. Panel participants will include:

National Examiners Panel - Cathy Frederickson, Paula Horne, Karen Nutt, Mary Schwentker

Grad A Panel - Allison Spivey, Amy Brown, Amber Hodyka, Melissa Fox ­

Cost of this event is FREE!  Register by going to the VRPC calendar item on February 28th

Upper Level Prep Clinics  - Tentative Schedule 

We are still fine tuning the's a peek at what we are planning!

April 17 - Mounted Clinic: Are you ready?
What is my path to succeed at the national certification? This mounted clinic will answer that question by providing formal assessments that shows where each rider needs to focus for success. Parents are encouraged to attend this clinic as well as test candidates.

May 15 - Mounted Clinic 
Elements will include: 
Flatwork focus on position and effective use of aids. 
Grid work with focus on position. 
Working lunch: Understanding Use of Grid and Jumping Distances. 
Afternoon workshop: Bandaging & Longeing

June 22 ­ - Mounted Clinic  
Elements will include:
Flatwork focus on warm up and test riding.
Course work over fences.
Working lunch ­ understanding lateral work.
Afternoon workshop: Bandaging & Longeing

July 6 ­ - Mounted Clinic
Elements will include:
Flatwork focus warm up, discussion and switch rides.
Jumping warm up, discussion, switch rides.
Working Lunch understanding course design and distances.
Afternoon Workshop: Longeing & Bandaging

July 20 - Are You Really? Mock Test 
We will try to run as close to an actually test as possible with some coaching. 
Elements will include: 
Turn out 
Flat work ­ warm up, test and switch rides 
Jumping ­ grid, course, switch rides and xc

Reminders from our Treasurer
By Carolyn Lorenzen

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great holiday and are ready for a rocking new year! Here are a couple of important reminders for our clubs and riding centers (hence forth referred to as clubs). 

1. ANNUAL MEETING REBATE: If you'll recall from our November regional council meeting, the council voted to give each club a $150 rebate for a leaders to attend the USPC Annual Meeting. Many clubs already fund attendance to the meeting, and this rebate is intended to help clubs send additional leaders that they might not otherwise be able to help. For those clubs that don't supplement the expenses, this rebate might make it more affordable to attend. To take advantage of this rebate, please follow the directions on the attached form. Please note this is a one time, one per club, rebate. Rebate requests are due to me by February 28th.


Jan. 31 - 1099-MISC Forms

Feb. 15 - CR&D Form

Feb. 15 - Peer Review

Feb. 28 - Summary Form 1096

May 15 - 990

If you don't know what these are, log in to the site and click on "Treasurer Resources". There are a number of excellent training resources available.

If the club or region’s gross receipts are less than $50,000, the tax return is a very simple form known as the 990-N, or the e-Postcard.

If the club or region’s gross receipts are greater than $50,000 but less than $200,000, the 990-EZ form can be filed.

If the club or region’s gross receipts are greater than $200,000 the long form 990 must be filed.

Please send me copies of your CR&D form, Peer Review (or Audit if you do one), Summary Form 1096, and your 990 or tax filing.

Also, if you'd like me to do your peer audit, I'd be happy to. Just let me know.

Changes in USPC Helmet Standards (Policy 0125.A)
By Vicki Fox 

European-made helmets bearing the (BS) EN1384 certification mark were phased out on January 1, 2016. This is in line with the decision The Pony Club and other British horse organizations have made concerning this standard.

USPC will accept helmets bearing the (BS) EN1384 mark to be worn through the end of 2015, but will no longer accept them in 2016. At this point the only certifications that will be accepted are the ASTM F1163 (North America), AS/NZ 3838 (Australia & New Zealand) and PAS 015 (United Kingdom).

2016 February Rallies Registration Open

Registration is now open for two rallies in February. Check out the VRPC Calendar for additional information.

Feb 20  Horseless Rally @ Serene Acres PC Riding Center, Bluemont, VA
The Horseless Rally is for all VRPC members. Out-of-Region and non-USPC members are welcome.* Excellent prep for new Pony Club members, younger members, and interested friends who want to learn what happens at a rally. This is a non-competitive, educational rally. Teams will consist of 3-4 "riders" and a required C Advisor. There will be an award for the "most original horse" and participation awards for all. This rally will be hosted by Serene Acres Riding Center.  Please refer to Horseless Rally Invitation for required forms. Registration closes on February 13, 2016.

Feb 27  Quiz Rally @ The Falls Church, Falls Church, VA  
This is a regional qualifying rally that tests the knowledge of our members. It is an unmounted rally.  If you are looking for a good online resource to study, we recommend the USPC Tack Trunk (you will be asked to first login to the USPC website).  Please refer to Quiz Rally Invitation for required forms. Dob't forget about the Tack Swap!  Registation closes on  February 14, 2016.

Upper Level Ratings Dates Confirmed

Upper Level Rating in our region have been confirmed. If you wish to test for either the H-B, C-3 or B exams this summer, please mark your calendars and complete your registration for these test dates soon!!!

  H-B Exam     July 15-17    Jarvandi Farm, Haymarket, VA
  C-3/B Exam  Aug 5-7     Glenwood Park, Middleburg, VA

 To register for these exams, please go to the USPC National Testing website.
Note:  All application materials (paperwork & fee) for national testings are due 12 weeks prior to a test date.

HM Corner - Loving and Living Horse Management
by Vicki Fox

I am so excited to be the new HMO for the region and I understand these are tremendous shoes to fill following Brian Smith.  Brian has forgotten more about HM than I will ever know.  I am thrilled that Brian will be there to mentor me and provide Columbo moments.   I would like to give you a few of my thoughts on horse management. 

First let me tell you that I LOVE HORSE MANAGEMENT.  It is the one aspect of Pony Club that makes us unique.  Horse management is the foundation of all we do in Pony Club.  Because it goes way beyond judging at rallies, horse management should be included in your daily routine to make your life with your horse or pony better.  For example, wouldn't it be great if your tack room at your barn looked like your tack room at rallies.  Everything would be organized, clean and at your fingertips.  Hopefully it already does!!  Is your record book up to date in case an emergency arises and you have to leave the care of your pony to someone else while you are gone? 

There is a real life daily practice reason behind every line in the Horse Management Handbook.  Horse management should be educational but it should also be fun!  Like all education though, we need to test the knowledge and we do that through certifications and rallies.  The assistant horse management judges should be teaching instead of just judging.  Knowing the horse management rules will better prepare you for your competitions whether in Pony Club or other events.  

I attend many horse trials each year and you can tell the Pony Club members or graduate Pony Club members from the other competitors because of their horse management practices.  I encourage new Pony Club members and their parents to read the USPC Horse Management Handbook - Part 1 Rules for Rallies.  I've heard members and parents complain about horse management and how they'd like for Pony Club to do away with it.  But let's face it, without horse management we are just another riding club.  

As the new HMO I'll be jumping in the deep end with little more than floaties and hope not to drown.  DCs and CAs please let me know how I can help or arrange help during your unmounted lessons leading up to Quiz. This is a great time to get that horse management foundation to help you succeed or exceed the rest of the year.  Have a great 2016 Pony Club year!!

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