Everyone who joins USPC will be awarded skill Certificates beginning at the D1 level and progressing through D2, D3, C1 and C2 at the club level.  USPC recently changed the terminology from "Ratings" to "Certificates". The H-B, C-3, B, H/H-A, and A are administered by the USPC National Testing Committee at testings scheduled though the National Office. Applications for National Level tests are submitted through the USPC website.

During a test, whether done at the local or national level, members' skills and knowledge are tested against the Standards of Proficiency which outline the expectations to be met at each level in each section - Horse Management, Riding on Flat and Riding Over Fences.

DCs strive to provide testing opportunities to their members in a timely manner when desired. Clubs typically hold testings two to four times a year or possibly even more. Many DCs will allow their members to participate in testings being offered by another club if a member wishes to test sooner than or has a conflict with the date of the next scheduled testing within their club. However, no member is allowed to test with another club without the permission and support of their DC.

USPC provides an excellent Chart of Learning on their Club/Center Level Testing Materials page.

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