As of November 2013, USPC had 447 Horsemasters (HMX) in the United States. Near VRPC, there were:

  • 8 in Eastern PA,
  • 9 in Old Dominion Region (Sinking Creek Pony Club), and
  • 11 in Capital Region (Wakefield Valley Pony Club).

At that time, the demographics of current Horsemasters in USPC were:

  • Parents of current Pony Club members 31%
  • Parents of graduate Pony Club members 8%
  • Pony Club Alumni 10%
  • Not previously involved with Pony Club 57%

HMX are adult (non traditional) members who follow the USPC curriculum to increase their knowledge and skill in all things equine. In the Virginia Region, HMX members can be seen as Assistant Horse Management Judges at our rallies, mentors for new Pony Club families, Independent Observers (IOs) at our testings, and much more.

New in 2016, HMX Members must affiliate with individual clubs or riding centers.  HMX Members are charged the same fees, paying National, Regional & Club/Center dues. Each club/center may incorporate their HMX into their lesson/clinic/meeting program as they see fit. 

Horsemasters have a separate testing structure very much in parallel with our youth Pony Club members.

  • D thru A Traditional track
  • D thru C-2 Dressage track
  • USPC is developing additional tracks for HMX members
Note: Alumni Pony Club members joining as HMX would not “lose” their graduate rating and may begin their Horsemasters career at any level they choose.

USPC has provided a helpful BrochureABCs and Info Sheet about Horsemasters in general. 

For help determining which clubs and centers in VRPC accept HMX members, please contact Membership Coordinator Aldona Petraitis at A completed application and check (payable to USPC) for the applicable fee (see application for fee structure) should be sent to the club or center. Once membership has been approved at USPC, VRPC membership can be paid. Any club/center fees due will be paid to the club or center directly.

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